What is a degree project?

The dissertation is not just an important part of the education. Many students think that it is the part that is most interesting and most rewarding, but also the part that makes the biggest demands and offers the biggest challenges. It is the largest course at KTH.

The dissertation is based on an investigation/analysis of a relatively large problem. It is a problem from reality and it is a task where it is required that the student can integrate knowledge from many different courses and also acquire new knowledge & write essay today .

The student must have a scientific approach. This means i.a. that he/she reads into the area before starting the work, selects an appropriate method for the problem and can argue for the chosen method, and evaluates the work critically. A completed course in scientific theory and research methodology is compulsory before the degree project begins.

The dissertation will deal with an interesting problem in the subject area. The emphasis in the work will be on the investigation and analysis of the problem. The solution to the problem should be of interest to a wider group and not just to the client.

The dissertation is part of the education and is examined by CSC. It also means that the report is public. The dissertation is an independent work with an individually written report. However, two people can work with related problems, but must each do their own work and write their own report.

The dissertation is normally done within the specialization the student has chosen. However, it can be done outside the chosen specialization, provided that the student has sufficient prior knowledge to be able to perform the work well. The dissertation is an extension of the education - not a broadening.

  1. The information for the dissertation can be obtained from one of CSC's research labs or from an external client. The student must have a supervisor and an examiner at CSC and they must be different people. Where applicable, you also have a supervisor at the external client.

  1. Before the degree project begins, the assignment must be approved by the examiner and supervisor at CSC and registered with the dissertation coordinator for the current dissertation topic. You therefore need an early written description of the thesis assignment.

Content of the degree project

In summary, the degree project consists of what the dissertation student must do

  • a detailed specification and schedule for the dissertation - a project plan

  • a reading part that is defined individually for each dissertation with literature that is directly relevant to the degree project and to at least some extent consists of scientific articles

  • a qualified investigation/analysis work

  • a well-written report in Swedish or English where the problem is introduced, different solution methods are discussed, the chosen solution method is presented, the solution and results are described and the results are analyzed

  • an oral presentation of the work

  • an opposition to another student's dissertation